Stack Attack

Stack Attack is the viral game created by Diffy Toys & Games to put your hand eye coordination and balancing skills to the test! In less than 1 week of launching, Diffy has sold over 1,000 units and projected to be the fasted growing STEM game this year! The video that amassed almost 30 million views in 1 week was posted by @adifishy. In the 59 second Tik Tok video, you can feel the excitement and suspense from adifishy and his group! At Diffy Games, they are very grateful for the positive feedback they've been receiving since launching Stack Attack as a small business. They believe it's because of the STEM learning experience that develops spatial awareness skills and depth perception. Stack Attack does a great job at showcasing physics and balance allowing the players to learn continuously. "It's very common for everyone to be on their smartphones 6-10 hours a day. But, how often does someone whip out a physical game to play with their family and/ or friends? We want to bring back game nights because of the genuine bonding experience it creates with whoever is playing the game. Our goal is to continue developing games that activate your brain while having an absolute blast playing." - Diffy Games

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